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I'm embodiment coach, a creative and a life long learner.

I offer support, direction and inspiration to actors and creatives, teaching how movement and our imagination combined, can guide, heal and connect us back to our true authentic selves. I have a Masters in Movement teaching & directing, a facilitator of the movement therapy modality Chakradance™ a qualified yoga and breath coach and a former dancer and actor.

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Working as a movement director and intimacy choreographer/co-ordinator has included working on commercials, opera, film, plays and musicals, creating a consent led practice, advocating for actors and letting the body tell the story. I love the collaborative creative process working with actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, designers, lights and sound to serve the story and create dynamic, embodied, alive performances.

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Movement for actors is coaching actors to embody the roles that they play, and one of my greatest passions is coaching actors to know that they are enough. To trust their instincts, get out of their heads and into the physical sensations of their gut feeling, heart fluttering, intuitive wisdom. If you are an actor, this is the very thing the acting industry is looking for. You. Your authentic, glorious, unique self. There’s no one else like you, which makes you highly employable!

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