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I am passionate about helping actors realise their uniqueness, develop their confidence and expand into their most authentic true selves.

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Movement Coach on set with the cast from "Don't Touch My Hair".

Director: Matthew Law
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Through the power of movement, music, imagination and journalling prompts, I guide actors to connect back in with their gut feeling, heart opening, intuitive wisdom. A journey back to who they really are. It illuminates, releases blocks and opens them to healing and balance.

With 25 years working within the performing arts industry as an actress, my process was created from my own experiences, struggles and frustrations at not feeling sure of who I was or to even believe that I was enough. My process is simple with powerful results that allow each actor to fully embrace their true self, have confidence in their choices and to completely know and trust that they are enough.

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Owning your story...

By owning your story, by venturing on a journey of self discovery, healing and self knowledge, you will be better able to own the stories of the roles you play. By owning your story, you are also living a life full of connection, purpose and energy.

The acting profession needs you to be you. The real you. The authentic you. You are the magic ingredient added to every role you play. You are unique. You are enough.

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Working  with Rebecca was a profoundly affecting experience for me. Our physical explorations were extraordinarily inspiring & I felt that inspiration ripple out into other aspects of my life. Her sensitivity while working with me enabled me to feel safe enough to be fully present, both physically & emotionally, which in turn allowed me to explore in a deeper & more grounded way than I generally do. I felt more alive in my body than I usually give myself permission to be and that was a huge gift Rebecca gave to me.

Connor Eiding - Actress

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